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Drifting off to sleep

8 October
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User Number: 3145221
Date Created:2004-05-14
Number of Posts: 143

Hair color: brownish/blonde Eye color: Hazel Height: 5'5
Strengths: Friendly, listens to good music, etc.
Weaknesses: Bites nails, procrastinates, forgets things easily.
Special Skills: not sure...
Weapons: My self, I'll kick your ass biatch.
Favorite bands: The Ataris, DeathCab for Cutie,Tuesday, Thursday, Brand New, FFAF, FATA, Co&Ca, Senses Fail, Dashboard, Small Brown Bike, too many to name all.

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Blink 182 is the shit.

Marriage is love.

The Postal Service is Nothing Better love.

.:.Love is The Used <3

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